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Hi! I'm Shevon Smith lover of all things travel!

              I grew up as an Army brat,  and started traveling the world  at the tender age of 3. Although the memories are few, before I hit kindergarten, I had my very first passport stamp from Germany. From there,  by the age of 18, I had seen a lot the U.S. thru my dad's various duty stations. Nothing compared to my parents packing up the car  and driving across the country with my three siblings.  This very experience sparked a interest in exploring new places for me.  

              Now as an adult I'm on a mission to check items off my travel bucket list across the pond. I've visited 8 countries outside of the U.S. and I'm still counting!  Its nothing like getting to a new location and immersing yourself in the culture, trying the native foods and activities, and just taking in the beauty of a place you've never been before.  My passion is to help others  experience this exact feeling.

            I love helping turn people’s dream vacation into reality. I want to change the way travel is viewed by showing you ways to experience luxury travel without breaking the bank, which is why I decided to become a travel consultant. Although I love exploring new destinations,  I realize it can be overwhelming to get there and plan as you go, especially in a foreign country. I wanted to provide a service that helps travelers build an exciting itinerary to explore and experience their destination. So feel free to browse around my website and when you're ready let's talk and plan your next trip! 


Check Out Some of my travels!

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