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Services Offered

Travel Blog

Have you decided on where you want to go, but need help navigating all those booking sites? I can help.

I can handle flight searches, hotel/Airbnb reservations and reserving ground transportation for once you arrive at your destinations so all you have to do is GO!

Full Trip planning and itinerary

Building itineraries is my JAM! Let me help you pick that resort that has the perfect room with the swim out pool, Or perhaps you've been dying to see one of the 7 wonders of the world. Maybe you want to climb a waterfall and swim in a cenote in Mexico. Let's talk about building your perfect itinerary for the most memorable trip.,  

travel planning

I know you can't wait to take that fabulous Disney vacation or maybe you're needing help planning that family reunion with all of your extended family from across the U.S. We're here to help you get the ball rolling.

Destination Weddings

So you've been dreaming of walking down white, sandy beach of a tropical destination on your wedding day, Let me help you plan out all the details!

From the accommodations for all your guests, to all the fine ceremony details,  I can help you plan your perfect day.

Beach Wedding Canopy
Image by Kym Ellis
Local Experiences

From wineries, and glamping, spas, and lakeside cabins Texas boasts a abundance of exciting things to do.. Let me cultivate some experiences right in your own backyard.

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